Spring has Sprung

Please forgive me for the delay since my last blog post, I am not sure where the time goes, but I have recently found myself thinking ‘ooh, I must blog about that’ too many times, so it’s time for a post!

I just thought I’d put together a little post featuring a few gorgeous things which I’ve been inspired by recently, plus some little updates from our wedding!

Firstly, look at these bright pastel hearts made by Polly Chrome Crafts. Aren’t they just the cutest? I love to hang little brightly coloured hearts like these on door and cupboard handles. I think little touches like these turn a house into a home.



Although I’ve featured painted jars before, I just loove these shiny, colourful jars featured over on One Good Thing by Jillee. Jillee’s blog is really great for home decor tips and nothing is too difficult or unrealistic!







Next – just look at this beautiful crochet flower blanket!



Can you tell that I like this Lavender colour scheme? It’s in keeping with my blog name, what can I say, I’m drawn to it! I love the way that the colours in this picture have been identified so that others can replicate them, thank you. I think it really makes you realise just how many colours are in a particular scene, and what beauties they are too. The link above takes you to Andru’s Pinterest page where you can see more like this.




For those of you who remembered we recently got married too – here is a small selection of pictures of some of the handmade elements of my day.




I really enjoyed making my own bouquet using silk flowers and the bonus is that I can keep it forever! I do love the look, feel and smell of fresh flowers but I wouldn’t have been as confident in putting something fresh together myself. I picked up my silk flowers from a great shop called Inspirations on the Wirral, but you can also order online for a great selection.


Gregson 406


More silk flowers in a simple jug – I just printed our table names and then decorated them with artists’ markers. I’ll never win any awards for being an expert with oil paints, but I like the simplicity of hand-drawn things – plus, it’s fun to do.


Gregson 407


In other news, we discovered a few months ago that we are expecting a little teeny tiny person to fit into this outfit!




Needless to say, I’ve found myself looking at tiny shoes and adorable nursery decorations more and more! Oh, and buying tiny shoes 🙂




Back with more blogging soon,





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