A lovely few days

I’ve had a busy week of working, travelling, painting, and other bits and pieces. I’ve been lucky enough to time a visit to London with the first really warm day, so I had a nice walk around some of the parks, snapping away with my iPhone.


Having finished my kitchen unit, I started to look around my house to find something to paint! Actually, nearly all of the furniture in our house could do with a fresh coat; I’ve got them queuing up in an orderly fashion.

Before I start on a whole new project, though, I plan to finish the larger one of the tables I painted during my first ever Annie Sloan class (taught at The Palace in Chester. I wanted to stencil it like the first one but with a bolder design.


Having shopped around for suitable stencils I was a bit disappointed by the choices available, so I thought, perhaps I’ll have a bash at making my own. Off I tootled to an old-fashioned shop in our home village where I picked up a craft knife, some acetate, some clear craft plastic (don’t know what this is for really) and some printing paper. I thought at least one of those would be ok to make stencils. (Honestly, this shop sells everything. It’s amazing. They still use old-fashioned pricing guns and close for lunch too. Like a trip back in time.)

I found making the stencils quite difficult using the craft plastic, since the knife didn’t slide through smoothly enough so my leafy designs looked more like nettles than pretty leaves. 🙁

But a bit of trial and error later and I found that it was quite easy to slice through the glossy printer paper with the craft knife, so I think I’m onto a winner for making my own stencils. Just a bit more practice required before I can be let loose on the table!

I also spent a loooong time searching for the ideal stencil brush without having to spend too much. After dawdling around many an art section I finally came across these ideal brushes which were only about £2. Although I think they may have been designed for smaller people! Never mind hey – they are ideal for stencilling with their flat shape!


Although I plan to use the same three colours as on the other table (duck egg blue, Emile and Antoinette) I couldn’t resist buying some new colours this week.


I just love how these colours can all be mixed so easily with white to create a whole new world of colours.

Before I go I must mention my most exciting news of the week which is that I was lucky enough to receive a tweet from Annie herself! 🙂 I was so pleased – this lovely lady and her beautiful paint is such an inspiration to me. I had just sat down in a theatre to watch a show when I received her tweet and I was too excited to concentrate! Thanks Annie!

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