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That’s me!

My blog is a place where I share all my ideas for handmade things. I love all kinds of different crafts, whether it’s upcycling old furniture, painting or even sewing from time to time. I also love taking photographs and writing, so blogging is the perfect hobby for me!

At the moment I am also spending a not inconsiderable amount of time making handmade goodies for our wedding next year, so there will be lots of handmade wedding updates on here too.

Other things I love (in no particular order): Tea, tulips, chocolate, family time, winter, wrapping presents, scuffing through autumn leaves, sticky labels, Pinterest, watching tennis, playing tennis but not very well, ooh, and my fiancé!

I love to hear from people who have popped by my tiny space on t’internet, so please leave a comment or find me on twitter @helenvictoria17.


Happy reading!


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