Annie Sloan Chalk Paints

Hello and welcome to my first post!

A few weeks ago we took a trip to Ironbridge, near Telford, to visit some friends. It’s a lovely place:


Ironbridge – such a lovely place.

In a pretty little shop in Telford, I stumbled across a tempting looking pile of paint pots called Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. What’s this, I wondered to myself?

After getting home and doing a spot of research, I found that Annie Sloan is the maker of Chalk Paint, a range of 30 paints which are ideal for covering furniture, metal, wood, even walls.

A couple more minutes of research led me to find that my nearest stockist of this gorgeous paint is the lovely Bunting Queen in Handbridge, Chester. I tootled along to one of their ‘Happy Hour’ workshops and took with me one of two small nesting tables that had been knocking around for a long time and were in desperate need of a bit of TLC.

Here is one of the tables:


Original table – in need of some TLC!

In case you can’t see it from the picture, the table had coffee stains, scratches, blobs of unidentifiable goop on it, and generally looked a bit sorry for itself.

Since we needed a coffee table or two in our living room anyway (‘we’ve only just moved in’ has become an oft-used phrase in our little household, despite us having moved in more than six months ago), I decided they would be perfect to have a first go at using the paint on. I wasn’t expecting brilliant results – I hadn’t done anything like this before, and the tables were unprimed, unsanded and more than a little mucky!

The lovely people at Bunting Queen had all the paints available, plus brushes, stencils and supplies of tea. A very enjoyable couple of hours was spent in their upstairs workshop, and there were five of us beginners in all, painting everything from picture frames to dressers.

I used three coats of Pure White:


Getting there with a few coats of pure white

(it would have been OK with two coats, but the third made it look really polished).

I also added some stencils using Henrietta, Duck Egg Blue and Emile:


Stencilling on the corners

I was so happy with the finished result!


The finished piece!

Following a quick application of Annie’s clear wax, my table was ready to come back home and I am so pleased with how it fits into our home.

And that was it: the story of how I became a furniture painting addict. I’ve always enjoyed painting, but my enthusiasm for painting pictures has slowly declined as time has gone on, in part due to lack of wall space! Painting furniture, though, is quite different: it allows you to take something old and battered and turn it into something really gorgeous and usable once again.

Painting this table, whilst it might seem like a small achievement, has also given me lots of confidence in being able to turn my hand to a new hobby and complete something from scratch with reasonable success. My next project is this table’s older brother – it’s a fair bit bigger, so it will be great to see how that turns out.

And who knows where my new favourite hobby will lead me next?


Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

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