Inspiration for the Weekend: Summer’s Here!

I have been a little it quiet on my blog this week, mostly because I’m surrounded by pieces of furniture that are crying out to be painted! I’m trying to get through them all, but I spend a lot of time umming and ahhing over each step in the process. (Pics to follow soon!)

This week I have been inspired by some beautiful summery pieces which have been lovingly upcycled by fans of chalk paint. Let me start off by sharing this absolutely gorgeous set painted by Sharon who I definitely think has an eye for photgraph styling.


Sharon's Provence Unit

Delicate gingham fabric and Provence chalk paint – what’s not to love?


Sharon's Provence Unit2

And a floral bear too!


I love the way that Sharon has complemented the Provence chalk paint with a delicate, summery fabric. This piece is so pretty, and I could imagine it in a bedroom, hallway, or even in the living room to make a beautiful central feature.


Next up, something that many of my blog readers would have seen already this week: Annie Sloan’s very own post describing how to make this delicious shade of coral.

Annie created this by adding a splodge of Emperor's Silk to Barcelona Orange.

Annie created this by adding a splodge of Emperor’s Silk to Barcelona Orange.


Barcelona Orange has never been one of my go-to colours, simply because it isn’t really in keeping with my own home’s decor. But I think that adding a little bit of Emperor’s Silk, which Annie has done in these photos, gives Barcelona Orange a much richer, deeper quality. For me, it evokes thoughts of the south of France, little red rooves nestles in the hills, people sitting outside eating olives and baguettes. Oh yep. Need to book a holiday now.

The black handles give this a sophisticated finish, too.

The black handles give this a sophisticated finish, too.


You can find these photographs and more information on Annie’s Chalk Paint page on Facebook.


The third item which has absolutely blown me away this week is this delicate, yet striking, chest of drawers by Michele at Stiltskin Studios.

Pretty as can be Chest of Drawers in Florence chalk paint.

Pretty as can be Chest of Drawers in Florence chalk paint.


Michele has used a beautiful Cherry Blossom stencil to create this delicate, floral design. I love the way that the flowers contrast so much with the background colour. You can read an interesting interview about her use of stencils, here at Paint + Pattern. The stencils are also available here at Royal Design Studio Stencils. I tell you, if I win the lottery tomorrow night, this is where my winnings will be spent.

Thank you to Pinterest for  bringing this into my life!

Thank you to Pinterest for bringing this into my life!


As much as I’d love to continue perusing these beautiful creations, I must go and to see to the ever-growing pile of furniture in my small kitchen. My mum and I accidentally bought a dresser yesterday off of ebay – it was very reasonably priced and I am SO excited for painting such a large piece. Details to follow (providing I can get it into my car…)


Happy Painting,

Helen x


  1. Nancy @ Artsy Chicks Rule says:

    Oh how fun! I love coral (one of my favorite colors) I’ve been mixing Scandinavian Pink, Primer Red and White. But I love the idea of mixing Emperor’s Silk/Barcelona Orange! I have both (and hardly use either alone!! 😉 ) I will definitely have to try that.

    • lavendertimes says:

      It’s a gorgeous shade isn’t it, Nancy! Thank you for visiting my blog, your lovely website was one of the ones that inspired me to start blogging! I love your projects! Helen x

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