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As I’m sure lots of bloggers do, I spend quite a lot of time looking at different types of social media: Pinterest and Instagram snaps, twitter, Facebook and other blogs. It’s a brilliant way of finding out what upcycling projects other people are doing – and to be continuously impressed by other people’s artistic abilities! So I thought it would be nice, on this sunny Friday before Easter, to share some of the things I have found on my internet travels. (I should probably point out that I’m in no way affiliated to any of these. I just thought it’d be really nice to share some of the impressive things that I have found!) The first one I want to share is from an Annie Sloan stockist over in Dublin, Ireland. Rua Dublin share lots of upcycling projects on their Pinterest page, but I was particularly blown away by some of their projects which included an element of free-handed painting, like these oh-so-beautiful stools featuring a cute birdie design!

Beautiful stools painted by Rua Dublin

Beautiful stools in mismatched colours

Plus, how beautiful is this decorated chair?

What a lovely chair by Rua Dublin

What a lovely chair by Rua Dublin

Paloma is one of my very favourite Annie Sloan colours, and I think the gorgeous spring flower design would make this a fabulous kitchen or dining room centrepiece. You can follow Rua Dublin on Pinterest and here is their website. If I find myself in Dublin any time soon, I’ll definitely be popping in to say hello! Next up I want to show you this beautiful chest of drawers which I found on Pinterest. 

Emile Chest of Drawers

Emile Chest of Drawers

Nanette’s photo shows a chest of drawers painted in Annie Sloan’s Emile, with different amounts of white added at different levels to lighten the shade.

Emile Chest of Drawers detail

Beautiful detail

I really love the pattern on this too, which brings me nicely to my next share: LOOK AT THESE AMAZING PAINT ROLLERS!

Painted House Paint Rollers

Painted House Paint Rollers – what a great idea!

When I came across these a few days ago over at The Painted House I was bowled over by the amazing effects which can be created using these simple little devices. The only problem I have got at the moment is choosing which one(s) to order! And finally I have to mention this incredible makeover by Iris Abbey over in sunny Florida.

Iris Abbey Chest

Delightful chest of drawers making a feature of the handles

What a transformation! I particularly love the attention to detail inside the drawers. I guess there may be some people who think painting inside drawers and things like that is not a worthwhile task since you can’t see it most of the time. But I think it’s like a hidden surprise, just waiting to make you smile every time you reach in for a pen or a pair of socks!

No-one wants to see plain wood inside a drawer!

No-one wants to see plain wood inside a drawer!

If you have found any particularly inspiring websites, why not share them below?


Rua Dublin’s lively Facebook page is here:

You can find Nanette’s Pinterest page here:

Paint Rollers live here:

Iris Abbey’s blog is here:

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