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This week has been a whirlwind of new pieces of furniture to paint (all of which sort of came about by accident)!

Near to our home village is a little craft centre which sells antiques and a few bits and bobs of crafty stuff (and has a lovely little café for tea and scones!). I think a lot of their products come from house clearances, as there’s a big mixture of all kinds of things there – ornaments, clothes, trinkets and … furniture!

I picked up this small chest of drawers, with the intention of using it as a bedside table on my side of the bed. (I currently have a small section of windowledge as my bedside table!).


Before - a nice shape but a bit dated.

Before – a nice shape but a bit dated.



Once I got it home, I took it straight to the garden with the hope that the fresh air would get rid of the mustiness of the wood. I cleaned the top and sides with white spirit followed by a quick rinse with some fairy liquid diluted in warm water (the white spirit gets rid of any grease and stubborn stains, and the fairy gets rid of the white spirity smell!).

I was not happy to find the remnants of several dead spiders inside…. ewwwww!

Anyway, after a little more fresh air and a good clean, she was ready to go. The only trouble was that one of the four feet has been broken right at the back, but it doesn’t cause any wobbling.

I decided that a couple of coats of Emile were in order, and a lighter, brighter colour to cheer up the insides. I opted for two parts Provence mixed with one part Old White, with Old White on its own inside the drawers. I think this makes them look a lot more spacious and bright.


A light colour inside the drawers makes it easier to find what you're looking for!

A light colour inside the drawers makes it easier to find what you’re looking for!



I’d had some decoupage paper hanging around for a while, and this seemed like a great time to experiment further with it. I’m really pleased with how it turned out… I think the pastel colours are perfect for such a cute little piece of furniture. I was so pleased with this decopatch paper – it’s made especially for decoupaging, and the finished result is really good. When I first applied it, it was full of air bubbles which I just couldn’t smooth out no matter how much prodding and stroking I did. Fortunately this clever paper sort of ‘settles’ into the varnish over the first hour or so, so when I came back to add a second layer of varnish, it looked as smooth as I could have hoped for! (I was going to provide a link to this online, but there are several outlets who sell it, so just google decopatch and you’ll get plenty of results.)

Emile & Decopatch Paper.

Emile & Decopatch Paper.





I also picked up a cute pair of small tables, and my plans for them include decoupage (as you may have guessed… I love decoupage). Oh and there’s the small matter of a huge welsh dresser to be painted – I’m looking forward to blogging about that one already!


Happy Wimbledon watching,
Helen x


    • lavendertimes says:

      Thanks Bridie! It was surprisingly easy to do, and I think decoupage is so effective. Good luck with yours – you’ll have to share the finished article with us 🙂
      Helen x

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