Spring Pastels and a Week off Work

I was lucky enough to have picked a good weather week to have off from my day job last week. (I work part-time in a university, and I’m a freelance writer, too.) My lovely other half Jon and I were due to go away on holiday but unfortunately we had to cancel to care for some family members. But we definitely made the most of our weeks off work, getting out and about on our bikes to the Wirral coast and some nearby country parks, playing some tennis (I lost), some badminton (I lost), and going out for some nice meals – including a delicious breakfast at The Quarter
in Liverpool (highly recommended if you’re passing!).

With the arrival of some lovely spring weather last week, I jumped at the chance to road test my ever-growing collection of chalk paints outdoors.
I have got two outdoor projects to get on with: both quite big ones!

The first is an outdoor table which had been looking a bit tired and was in desperate need of some TLC.


As you can see I spent a long time choosing the right colours for it:
After much umming and ahhing I opted for Coco. I love this shade, it’s delicate and elegant yet warm, too.

There are also four matching chairs to be painted (well, actually there are 3 and a half; one of them has a *slight* (read: quite big) crack in it thanks to some overenthusiastic board game playing at Christmas). So I might see if Jon can repair that before I paint it. I’m thinking of two chairs in Henrietta, and two in Duck Egg Blue? Decisions, decisions.

Me and my mum have also been busily trying to decide on a colour for her back garden picket fence. We tried lots of options:


I was surprised as to just how different the Annie Sloan paints look in bright sunlight. After a while they all started to look the same! I think my mum is going to opt for Provence, it’s such a lovely colour, reminiscent of the South of France and the glistening Mediterranean.

I’ve got two indoor projects on the go as well, a large decorative chair, and a chest of drawers:


This is such a plain piece to start with, I’m letting my imagination go wild. I’ll post some finished pictures when they’re ready.

Ooh and in this week’s very exciting news, mum and I are booked onto a new Annie Sloan course at The Palace Darling in Chester in April. It’s a colour inspiration workshop which uses the Annie Sloan Workbook. Can’t wait!

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