What’s in a Name?

I thought it might be nice to tell my blog readers a little bit about me and more specifically, where the name Lavender Times came from. When I’m reading other people’s blogs, I really like the sections which talk about them as people, like this one by Jill at Dandelion Lane, a furniture painter and Annie Sloan stockist over in Northern Ireland. It always seems much more interesting to read about other people’s interior design and painting ideas when you know a little bit about them as a fellow human!

So I am Helen, and this summer I’ll be celebrating a big birthday which is older than 29 but younger than 31 (that’s all the clues I’m giving). As much as I would love to spend all my days painting and subsequently blogging about it, I also go out to work: I work part-time as a project manager in a university, sorting out students’ troubles and trying to encourage them to make the most of being at university and not just drink hundreds of jaegerbombs and eat beans on toast while wearing their PJs.


Here’s a pic of me last summer on a jaunt to Cambridge. I wasn’t laughing at the punters on the river, bumping into the wall…honest!

I’m also a freelance writer and translator, which I absolutely love, not least because it enables me to work from under the duvet  my super high-tech home office. I’ve always enjoyed writing, so being accepted by a copywriting agency was a super day for me, since it meant I could ramble on about all kinds of things and people would actually use said ramblings for some purpose or other. The topics in question can be wildly diverse; recently I’ve written biographies of several hundred American actresses followed by a tourist guide to Italy! J

The name of my blog, Lavender Times, popped into mind one day not long after I moved in with my lovely other half Jon, and a row of lavender plants were bobbing gently in the breeze just outside our front window. Since most of my painting and other interior design ideas take place at home, I wanted to name my blog after our little cottage.

I used to paint a lot of pictures, but struggled to find the time to paint a whole picture as I got older and it was no longer appropriate to give them all to my mum. Plus, she’d run out of wall space. Not wanting to give up painting, I turned my thoughts to painting furniture and then as luck would have it, came across Annie Sloan’s lovely chalk paints at just the right time.


Look at all those lovely colours!

On top of this, I try to come up with creative ways to keep our home looking … err… homely, so I thought that Lavender Times would be a nice place to share this with my friends (both old and new!). I plan to share the things I have discovered and creative tips for a lovely home and garden, as well as stories of furniture transformations of course.

So now I am off to finish a couple of projects, then choose from the line-up of old pieces of furniture looking like they could benefit from a spot of TLC!

Bye for now!



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