Window Shopping

It’s safe to say I’m enjoying wedding planning. I was never one of those girls / young women who has ideas for their wedding day; I never knew what type of dress I’d have, where I’d like to get married, whether I’d go for tradition or something a bit more unusual. However, my eyes have been opened to an amazing world of loveliness that is wedding planning!

There are so many resources online for finding gloriously beautiful wedding ideas that it can seem a little overwhelming. You could also quickly run up a wedding cost of about £14 million in a couple of hours, if you ordered every lovely thing you found online. Unfortunately, we don’t have that kind of dough hanging around, so I’m really enjoying planning a lot of DIY elements to our big day.

On Sunday mum and I took a diversion to Hobbycraft (well, we were over that way anyway) and had a little look at the crafty bits and pieces. Well, I say we had a little look, we were there so long we nearly took root!




I am looking forward to sharing my invitations with you all, but for now they remain a secret!

It might sound ambitious, but my fabulous maid of honour and I are planning to decorate the cake ourselves. Surely that’s a foolproof idea? I mean really?

Look at the beautiful ready to roll icing colours I found!


All we will need is some tiny cutters. And some blobs of jam to stick them on. And a steady hand. And a bucketful of patience. And some wine.


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